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Insurance Complaint against:
Policy type: Business Insurance

November 08, 2016

The Warren Group held our insurance policy for our business and the office has failed to respond to emails, phone calls and even missed an appointment to discuss our policy with no explanation at all. Beware of Shawn McBride with the Warren Group he is very unprofessional and do not recommend condu...

Insurance Complaint against: Liberty Mutual
Policy type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

November 02, 2016

Last year on 11/6/15 I was involved in a slight backing out accident involving my neighbor and myself. He claimed he was in the street first, but stated he didn't see me. I was backing out of my drive way and he was pulling out (foward). My car is bright Red in color and had my turn siginal ON...

Insurance Complaint against: Liberty Mutual
Policy type: Homeowners Insurance

November 01, 2016

I filed a claim for hail damage to the roof of my house, after a couple of roofers said my roof was damaged by hail and need to file a claim. After I filed a claim an adjuster came out and looked at the roof, and admitted the vents were dented by hail, but refused to agree that the roof was damage...

Insurance Complaint against: GEICO
Policy type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

August 23, 2016

For the past two months I've having problems with American Express and therefore with GEICO my automobile insurance, Amex didn't pay my monthly insurance like they used to. In July GEICO informed me of that and a few days before my cancellation date I've remitted my payment to them through my bank, ...

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