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Insurance Complaint against: RLI Corp.
Policy type: Business Insurance

April 09, 2014

On Feb 18th a man driving a company truck ran a stop sign and damaged the whole front section of my vehicle. Not only did he cause the accident he tried to flee the scene and was taken to jail. The companies insurance (RLI)would not provide a rental car until they reviewed the police report so we di...

Insurance Complaint against: AAA
Policy type: Life Insurance

April 02, 2014

I have had AAA term life insurance for 8 years. My term was going to be up in 2 years, so I decided to renew sooner to get the lower monthly payment rate. AAA requested past doctor records. The records were from 2 doctors over a 4 year span. The last doctor's record from 2013 (which I saw h...

Insurance Complaint against: Globe Insurance Company of Oklahoma
Policy type: Life Insurance

March 31, 2014

bought$10,000 life insurance for my daughter who was 36 when she died.since the insurance was only in affect 22 months they denied paying on it being it was less than 24 months in effect. she didnt commit suicide.rip of company . i paying every month daughter dies...

Insurance Complaint against: Westfield Insurance
Policy type: Auto/Boat/Motorcycle

March 27, 2014

My father hit my 3 year old garage door. I provided 2 quotes from 2 different companies for repair/replacement of door. One quote included a bid to repair (by replacing panels) - but both quotes were to replace my garage door. I have spoken to both door companies and they both recommend replacement...

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