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Sabrina's complaint:
November 05, 2012

Insurance Company: MetLife
Coverage Type: Homeowners Insurance

  • General - I feel abused by this company

I have been with Metlife for both auto and home for about 18 years. NEVER had to put a claim in with them for either home or auto in the ENTIRE time we have been insured with them. Had major ice storm in 2011 which resulted in our electric wires being ripped of our home. In addition to losing electricity for weeks in end, a great portion of our vinyl siding was ripped off as well. We put in a claim and were reimbursed under 2K dollars. As a result of actually utilizing our homeowners insurance (mind you we've never put a claim in IE: never used our insurance for what it's supposed to be utilized for) we are now being penalized 25%. Our insurance was increased over $300 a year. This is outrageous! Also there is no one I can speak to to rectify this. No phone number provided to speak with a supervisor or someone who can remedy this for us. So we will be paying for the duration of our insurance an amount that will FAR exceed the claim we submitted. THIS IS SCANDALOUS.

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